Nitrile disposable gloves automatic making machine

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table performance disposable gloves equipment PVC liquid latex nitrile semi-dipping machinery production line.
Applicable material: PVC liquid\latex\nitrile

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Disposable gloves making machine13

Product parameters

Machine size  110*1.8*16*10 layers*2
 Power  190kw/hr
 Speed  25m/min
 Production  30,000pcs/hr
 Heat consumption  3,800,000cal/hr
 Mould  22,000pcs
 Chain  1,100m

Product process

Disposable gloves making machine4

Dtails diaplay

Disposable gloves making machine5
Disposable gloves making machine6
Disposable gloves making machine7
Disposable gloves making machine8

Company Information

Wuxi Hai Roll Fone Science And Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of mask machine equipment manufacturers, With more than 20 years of production history in the industry. Our equipment has obtained a number of patents, including 4 patented products and 3 high-tech products. We have 20 professional technicians, and professional installation and maintenance engineers in Italy, Turkey and Korea are responsible for the installation and after-sales of mask machines. Our company is the preferred equipment purchasing unit for large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad. The company's products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world and are well received by customers.

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1+1 Full automatic plane mask machine13 (1)


1.Does one machine can only produce one size?
Not exactly, it depends on the machine.

2. Do you have after-sales support?
Yes, we are happy to give advice and also have skilled technicians available to maintain the machine if needed.

3. How to visit your company?
We can pick you up from Shanghai or Hangzhou airport. Or railway station Shaoxing North.

4. What can you do if the machine is broken?
Our machine's warranty period is 12months. if the broken parts can't repair, we can send the new parts to replace the broken parts, but you need to pay the express cost by yourself. if after the warranty period, we can through negotiation for solving the problems, and we supply the technical support for the whole life of the equipment.

5.Can you be responsible for transport?
Yes, please tell us the destination port or address. we have rich experience in transport. 6. 6.You are a trade company or factory?
We are a Manufacturer.

7. Why your price is higher than others?
As we persist on that each factory should put quality in the first place. We spend time and money on developing how to make machines much more automatic, accurate, and high quality. We can make sure that our machine could use more than 20 years without any problem.

8. Do you have overseas engineers?
Yes, we not only provide overseas engineers but also provide technical training.

9.Do you provide customized?
Sure, we can design the equipment according to the data of the structural section you provide. We are a professional sheet metal forming machine designer and manufacturer.

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